Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gas Prices still on the rise

Why is it in San Francisco, California that cab drivers do not get any relief from rising gas prices. Last time gas prices soared many other cities around the United States helped out there cabbies by giving them a 50 cent to one dollar raise on there meters to cover the costs. San Francisco did not. The city regulates the cab industry here and has handed it over to the SFMTA taxi division. I paid last night 4.19 cents a gallon, made approximately 55.00 dollars for myself for a twelve hour shift.

San Francisco taxi drivers should get a rate increase or be able to charge a fuel surcharge to compensate them for their shortage with rising gas prices.

At 55.00 dollars per shift it would be difficult to get the needed health care or even think about setting anything aside for retirement.

I found out that some cab drivers in San Francisco have no uninsured motorist insurance, excluded from their companies insurance when they drive, air bags are not mandated to be in the cabs, and are forced to drive cabs that are in terrible condition in the city of San Francisco, California. The city claims we are independent contractors but they hold so much control over the cab drivers how can that be?

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