Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Yellow (Cab)

It's Not Easy Being Yellow (Cab)
It's a good thing that MTA is considering giving cab drivers the go ahead for an across-the-board rate increase that would go right into their pockets because driving a taxi is hard work. Not only do cabbies have to deal with the everyday gauntlet that is driving in San Francisco, but when they inevitably get stiffed by passengers nobody does a damn thing about it.

When cab driver Dean Clark picked up a sketchy fare who eventually stiffed him, he expected SFPD to maybe help him out a little. No such luck. "I guess the moral of this story is Taxi Drivers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for permits per year to the city of San Francisco. In addition through our gates we pay the cab companies pay plenty to the city," writes Baker. "What do the San Francisco Taxi Drivers get in return when there is a problem? Obviously not even a police report."


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