Thursday, April 7, 2011

San Francisco Taxi's Are They Really being Inspected

In the light os many accidents and deaths in San Francisco taxi's I decided to write a little blurb about it.

City code requires cabs be checked for brakes. Spares are checked every 6 months. Is this being done? I have worked as a cab driver for several years and can tell the public that some of the cars the city allows the taxi companies to drive on the street are unfit. Cab Companies on average charge their night drivers about 120.oo a night for a ten hour shift. You do the math. One day 240.00 a month, I think you get the picture. I drive cabs for years that smelled of fumes, and discovered through a doctor that the fumes I was inhaling is carbon monoxide. I dont know what condition this cab was in but most cabbies will tell you if you inhale these fumes, it does something to your brain. I urge investigators to see if this vehicle was checked, because remember the city gets money from these people who own the cabs. We need a thorough inspection of the cabs when they come in for safety checks and not just a once over. One more thing the Airport Inspection, should take the drivers more serious when they report the cab and not tell the company which driver reported it so they get fired. I think if you read this you get the picture of why the cabs are so awful in San Francisco.

If you ride in an awful cab, you can do something about it. Get the number off the side of the cab and call 311 and give them the date, time, and what the problem is. remember folks many times it is not the cab drivers fault but the city for not inspecting the cabs we ride in! It would be helpful if we could help the city by reporting these awful cabs.

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