Monday, May 2, 2011

5% fee for using 3rd party’s equipment/services? GPS based Electronic Waybill?

April 25, 2011
5% fee for using 3rd party’s equipment/services?
GPS based Electronic Waybill?
If drivers are self-employed, running their own business, then they should
choose their own service provider. Forcing a third party vendor on a business
owner goes against anti monopoly laws. If SFMTA wants to treat us like an
employee, then they should pay us like MUNI drivers. SFMTA cannot have it
both ways.
In addition, To Err Is Human and no Human are faultless. By GPS monitoring
every click and every move of the cab driver (unlike any other business), we
would be going against driver’s constitutional rights, the privilege against
self-incrimination. Look up the Fifth Amendment to the United States
Those claiming that by giving the 5% drivers would be making more on tips,
in essence are asking drivers to give cash for hope (over 3 million/year for a
hope). If this is such a good idea, let us have 5% from you in exchange for
The core arguments, by SFMTA, for having these third parties forced on
drivers are Waybills, Credit/Debit processing and computer records. Drivers
(running their own business) can do all by themselves. We use our own,
nationally recognize, venders to process the credit/debit cards at less than
2%, and we email our waybills to the email account that SFMTA opens for
each driver; and keep the original for our records. This way all the three
requirements are satisfied. In addition drivers’/passengers’ personal
information are safe guarded; all at a fraction of the costs. We know that
multi-billion dollars corporations, with best minds and cutting age technology
could not protect personal information. The reason is clear; technological
progress never is at its end; it is, and always will be, a work in progress.
Therefore, it is the best not to put it where someone along the way could tap
into it.
Saam Aryan, Cab driver

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